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[DaughterSwap] Sera Ryder, Penelope Kay (One Last Spring Break Together / 03.03.2024)

Penelope shares one last Spring Break with her bestie Sera. She just can’t stand the idea of being apart, but they are going to college next year, so this last break must be memorable. Their stepdads Pierce and Quinton are also friends, so they decide to spoil their sweet girls by renting a fully-equipped house to share for the week. This is a great opportunity for Penelope and Sera to spend time together, sunbathe, and play a little with each other’s stunning bodies. Yet, Penelope has something else in mind: Sera’s hot stepdad, Quinton. Penelope has always had a crush on him, but when she became a teenager, she started noticing how hot he really was, feeling a warm sensation on her crotch each time he was around. Quinton is no stranger to Penelope’s charm, realizing how she became a young and sexy woman, yearning to get a taste of her. The two start meeting up secretly, escalating things each time they hook up. Innocent kisses suddenly turn into hot makeout sessions, and Quinton’s oral skills certainly opened Penelope’s world of pleasure. One day, in an intense pussy-licking session, Sera discovers her stepdad sucking off her BFF and decides to do something about it. Pierce is just close by, so she pulls him into the room and starts making out with him right next to Penelope and Quinton. The situation is awkward at first, but as the stepdads awaken the girls’ deepest desires, nothing is off the table. Suddenly, Pierce suggests swapping once more. Can Penelope and Sera manage their own stepdaddies’ delectable cocks and their buttery loads?





Date: March 3, 2024