[DevilsFilm] Kate Bloom (My Girlfriend’s Sis Is An Exhibitionist / 01.15.2022)

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Jay Romero is posing for selfies with his girlfriend, Kiara Cole. Then Kiara’s sibling Kate Bloom shows up, and she offers to be their photographer to make things easier. The couple happily accepts, and they strike a few poses as Kate takes pictures of them. Afterwards, Kate asks if Jay can use her phone to take some pictures of her. Jay is happy to return the favor, so he agrees.

However, to Jay’s surprise, Kate takes her top off, exposing her breasts! Kiara is in shock. After Jay takes a few topless photos of Kate, she removes her shorts and panties as well, and starts posing nude for him. Jay happily takes a few more photos, causing Kiara to freak out and yell at both of them. Kiara then storms off, and Jay chases after her.

Later on, Kate is still hanging around in the nude, and asks Jay how things went with Kiara. Jay says that Kiara took off to get her nails done, which is apparently a sign that she’s REALLY angry. Jay tells Kate that maybe she shouldn’t do that kind of stuff in front of Kiara anymore. Well, since Kiara isn’t there right now, Kate holds her phone out to Jay and asks him to take more nude photos of her. Jay agrees, but then Kate encourages him to stick his finger – and then his tongue – into her pussy to get ‘better’ photos. Eventually, she manages to convince him to pound his cock in there, too…










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