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[FreeuseFantasy] Aria Valencia (Nerve-Calming Freeuse / 05.18.2024)

Aria spends all her free time in her boyfriend’s house, even when he’s not around. The cute girl is also applying for college, struggling with the anxiety of not getting in. One day, Mike, her boyfriend’s dad, finds an anxious Aria in his son’s bed and decides to help her. The gentle man freeuses Aria while calming her, feeling the girl’s perky tits as he soothes her. Aria is fascinated by this new fatherly presence in her life, so she starts looking for Mike constantly. The man isn’t particularly fond of the girl being in the house all the time, so he tries to teach her to be independent. As he guides and freeuses her, Danny shows Aria how to get into college while he also advises her to not live her whole life around her boyfriend.





Date: May 18, 2024
Actors: Aria Valencia