[Girlsway] Charlotte Stokely, Elena Koshka (Do No Harm / 01.03.2021)

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Dr. Charlotte Stokely is a busy woman, however, she is taking the time to make a house call. That’s because she is visiting a very special patient: Elena Koshka, the lovely wife of Charlotte’s best friend, Darlene. Entering Elena’s bedroom, the beautiful doctor finds Elena in bed with her ankle propped up. Darlene isn’t home at the moment, so she isn’t around to see that there are hints of romantic tension between Charlotte and Elena.

It turns out that Elena hurt her ankle while trying to exercise in order to please Darlene. As Charlotte chats with Elena while examining the injury, there are clues that Elena is not completely happy in her marriage. Charlotte bandages Elena’s ankle, her skilled fingers caressing the soft skin of Elena’s sexy leg. The doctor’s healing touch causes romantic tension to grow even further. Charlotte seems to want to say something but bites her tongue. After all, she is a doctor, so she has vowed to do no harm.

Eventually, Charlotte decides that staying silent would be even worse, so she finally says what she has been bottling up: she feels obligated to tell Elena that Darlene is not right for her. With that, the whole truth comes pouring out: Charlotte and Elena have had feelings for each other for a long time, and now they are finally deciding to act on these feelings. Charlotte kisses Elena again and again, removing her clothes and vowing to take good care of her…









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Pornstars: Charlotte Stokely, Elena Koshka