[MyPervyFamily] Andi James, Kelsey Kage (Fun For The Whole Family! Part 3 / 05.03.2020)

This is like a dream come true! I get to fuck my stepmom AND stepsister at the same time!! It’s obvious that sis is nervous, she thought since mom caught us experimenting and having sex that she was in trouble.. But I told her about the fun mom and I had and I think she actually got a bit jealous! I had to explain to her that the only reason mom and I messed around was because of how turned on she got from watching us! Is that true, mom? Yes sweetie, something about watching the two of you fuck each other and seeing how much you enjoyed taking your own stepbrothers cock deep inside your pussy… made me so horny and moist inside!
-Kelsey looks to me for validation as mom begins to slowly undress her, rubbing her hands up sis’s gorgeous petite body-
Don’t be shy now sis, Mom wants to watch us play some more again…. and then maybe join in too. Hunny… doesnt your stepbrother have suck a nice cock? Id love to see you put it in your mouth… Yes… he does have a nice one, but what about Dad… wouldnt he be upset if he knew we were all doing this? Sweetie… lets not worry about your father right now. I want you to concentrate on making your stepbrother feel good, so mommy can taste his warm cum…
Watch my stepmom and stepsister take turns using my hard cock for their own pleasure! It was nearly impossible to fuck them both without cumming to quick, especially seeing how much my stepmom really enjoyed being dirty with us! After I made my step sis cum all over my cock, it was my stepmoms turn to finish! She really was turned on by sis and I screwing, that once she slid my cock into her…. she immediately started to pulsate and cum on me. She was loving every second in our family threesome!
Finally it was my turn to cum. I could tell my stepmom was craving to taste my cum, and my balls were aching to release all the swelled up tension that was building up, so I sprayed my load all over Kelsey’s pink pussy and then made my stepmom lick up every drop of my salty warm thick load!
Mom will never tell Dad about this, but she now knows that I am the true man of the house now!

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Pornstars: Andi James, Kelsey Kage

Date: May 3, 2020