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[PureTaboo] Khloe Kingsley (I’ll Cut You A Deal / 09.19.2023)

Hannah (Khloe Kingsley) is trying to leave for a party while wearing a revealing dress. She puts on a coat to conceal the dress and calls out to her stepdad, Don (Charles Dera), that she’s leaving. However, Don stops her before she can make it to the front door.

Don is suspicious, and tells Hannah to remove her coat. When he sees Hannah’s revealing outfit, he is adamant that she can’t go out dressed like that. After a heated argument, Hannah still refuses to change, defiantly saying if Don wants this dress off of her then he’ll have to RIP it off.

Undeterred, Don grabs a nearby pair of scissors, stating he’ll take her up on that challenge unless she cooperates. Hannah refuses, not believing that Don will actually go through with it. To her shock, he uses the scissors to make a first cut into her dress with an ominous SNIP.

But it doesn’t stop there as Don continues using the scissors to gleefully cut the dress off of Hannah. She’s stunned as she clutches at a tattered piece of fabric in an attempt to keep her chest covered. Furious, Hannah says she’s already had sex — if THAT’S what he’s worried about — so it doesn’t matter HOW she dresses. Don quips that having sex with boyfriends isn’t the same as showing her body to strangers who could make a move on her. Hannah insists that maybe that’s what she WANTS.

Don scoffs and questions if she can really handle any type of stranger making a move on her, even an older man. Hannah boldly insists she can, not backing down. This seems to give Don an idea: Hannah can prove it by having sex with HIM. If she DOES, he’ll let her wear whatever she wants from now on..






Date: September 19, 2023
Actors: Khloe Kingsley