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[StepSiblings] Hazel Moore, Chanel Camryn (Twinning Attitude / 02.04.2024)

Stepsisters Chanel and Hazel may not be actual twins, but they look enough alike that they can typically fool people. Their entire lives, they’ve been able to bait and switch and get away with misadventures here and there. But when they end up liking the same guy, their skills are pushed to the limit. Unfortunately for them, Victor isn’t stupid, and he knows from the jump that he’s dating two chicks pretending to be the same chick. Still, he plays it cool and has his way with both of them before playing his ace. He wants a threesome and calls them on their bluff. Fearing he may break up with them if they don’t give him what he likes, the stepsisters agree to the threesome. It turns out the girls have an amazing chemistry together. Neither Chanel nor Hazel could have guessed that seeing each other get fucked would turn them on so much. But there in the room, with Victor pleasuring the both of them, they felt like something clicked, and maybe the two of them should have been messing around with each other a long time ago. Like good stepsisters, they take turns with Victor’s cock, but are never bored. When one isn’t getting fucked, the other doesn’t sit by idly – they take the opportunity to fondle Victor’s balls or rub their clits. The girls want to share his load, and when Victor is ready to bust, they get on their knees to take every drop he can give them.





Date: February 4, 2024